£7 to £18 // UK DELIVERY ONLY

Handmade Bismuth jewellery to coincide with issue 1 of LUMIN Journal. Multi-chrome metallic crystals. See below for close-ups of each piece (more images/better quality images to come soon), then select the corresponding letter from the drop-down box. Only one of each piece available, as all are unique. ('h' earrings have now been sold.)

  • Hand-made jewellery. Hand-plaited rope necklaces with black thread.
  • Postage is £2 (if you buy multiple items, we'll refund you the extra postage - more info on our FAQ page)
  • If you live in Cardiff, it's free postage -- order as usual and we'll return your postage fee to you with your items

Select which piece (see chart above)

Close-ups (click to enlarge):
'c' necklace
'd' necklace

'e' necklace

'f' necklace

'g' earrings