Postage/Payment FAQ

1. I've ordered multiple items and it's charged me postage PER ITEM!!! !! How can I pay just a single postage charge?

If you've ordered multiple items, don't worry. Pay as normal and you will be sent a refund for the additional postage (the partial refund should take a few days maximum to go through)

2. How long will postage take?

2-5 working days hopefully!! We'll email you if there's any delay.

3. Can I order from outside the UK? 

We're in the process updating all our product pages to have EU/Worldwide postage options - so if the publication you're looking to order doesn't have the different postage options, check back in a few days and it should all be updated!!

4. Can I pay with card / can I pay with Paypal?

Yes you can do BOTH !! When you get to the checkout you have an option to pick between them.

5. My payment won't go through/I'm having issues with the site/the paypal button won't work/ etc etc etc?

If you're having problems getting your order through, you can use our old store at (it still works and everything, although the bismuth jewellery isn't available to buy on there; and some product images aren't on there). If there's anything that needs fixing on this new site, drop us an email and let us know so we can get it sorted for the future!!

6. I've got more Q's that need A's !!

Drop an email to us at with any questions or queries, and just put 'luminstore' in the subject line so we know!!